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Wild Boar Control Services

Wild Boar Control Services

Olde English Pest Control carry out wild boar control throughout the south east.

We work in the South East, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Thanet and Medway.

Key facts

The wild boar, also known as the “wild swine”, “common wild pig”, or simply “wild pig” are the wild ancestors of domestic pigs.

Wild boars have wide and sturdy bodies with a double layer of fur. Their top layer of fur is harsh with bristly hair. Their under layer of fur is much softer.

Mature male boars have tusks that protrude from the mouth. Piglets, also called ‘Humbugs’ due to their colour, are a lighter ginger-brown colour. This colouring lasts for three months. Pilgets also have stripes on their coat for camouflage.  Without their camouflage, the young pigs would be vulnerable to any predators.

Wild boars are omnivores and will eat a range of plant and animal matter. Most of their diet is made up of roots, bulbs, seeds, nuts and green plants. As opportunistic feeders, they will east much of what they find.

  • Groups of pigs is called a driftor
  • A group of young pigs is called a litter
  • Groups of hogs are called a passelor
  • A group of swine is called a sounder
  • A group of boars is called a singular.

Visit woodlandtrust.org.uk for more information

Wild boars in Kent

Here in Kent, wild boars escaped captivity where they were being bred in Tenterden, after the great storm of 1987. The storm caused widespread damage to pens and stys with many boars spreading over Kent and Sussex.

There are no natural predators in the UK which has allowed the number of wild boars to grow. Culling is carried out in some areas is carried out to control population growth.

Wild boar can cause problems on farmland

Problems arise on farmlands when wild boar uproot and disturb soil on farmland whilst foraging for food using their long snouts to plough through the ground.

Tell-tail signs of wild boar presence are uprooted and disturbed soil.

Contact us is if you suspect you have wild boar on your land? Do you need conformation, help and advice?

We have the latest top-quality tools for the job

  • thermal images for night watching.
  • trail cams that can be put out on your land to capture footage for identification purposes.
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