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Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare - Olde English Pest Control

We Take Animal Welfare Seriously!

Olde English Pest Control take Animal Welfare very seriously. Barry is at countryman a heart and is strongly against cruelty to animals. He is proud of his Wildlife Aware Accreditation.

All operators and technicians work with animal welfare first and foremost in their minds, and are second to none in this area of pest control.

"We are humane, discreet, and at all times respectful, whatever problem we are dealing with. I cant emphasise this enough.
So be assured we are the best, and the clients , big or small, are in the safest hands possible.
I am very strict on this."

Barry Luckhurst

Ferrets & Longnets

"The use of Ferrets and Long nets or purse nets, are by far the most cost efficient, thorough and “green” way of controlling rabbits. Be it on Farms, equestrian centers, large or small gardens, domestic or commercial property and country estates. Future proofing with rabbit proof fencing and the “dropbox” system will eradicate most, if not all the rabbits on your property."

Barry Luckhurst

Animal Welfare - Olde English Pest Control
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