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Bird Control & Prevention Services

Bird Control & Prevention Services

Bird Control & Prevention Services in the South East

Controlling and prevention of building damage by pigeons and gulls

Pigeons and gulls can often be a problem in busy urban environments such as towns, city centres, schools, construction sites and transport hubs. Their presence bring noise issues as well as health risks with their unsightly droppings potentially spreading diseases such as E.Coli and Salmonella. The damage caused by these birds to buildings, vehicles and walkways can run into thousands of pounds every year. With the current government legislation making it illegal to kill or injure any wild bird, SkyHawk Pest Management offers a natural, sustainable and discreet form of nuisance bird removal.

Our experienced hawking team will implement a long-term solution to your pigeon problem by flying a specially trained bird of prey around the affected area. This frightens other birds away and, with repeated sessions, ultimately changes their roosting and nesting behaviour as they will believe the hawk has set up its territory there.

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