Domestic Pest Control Services by Olde English Pest Control
Pests found at in the residential and family home

Domestic Pest Control Service for the South East

Olde English Pest Control provides a Domestic Pest Control Service to homes and properties in the South East of England. Barry will quickly remove any type of unwanted and unwelcome pests from your home quickly and humanely.

Barry always works hard to effectively to protect your home from unwanted and unwelcome pests such as: bed bugs, mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, fleas, wasps and bees, flies, unwanted insects and woodworm and Death Watch Beetles. See our common pests guide.

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Domestic Pest Control Packages Available

Single day rabbit eradication
Fixed-term pest control contracts
Annual retention
Resident estate mole and rabbit catcher for farms
Pest removal services for offices

Pest control for commercial retailers

Pest control solutions for restaurants and commercial kitchens
Pest Control solutions for warehouses and factories

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