Pheasant English Game Meat for Sale

Olde English Pest Control- english pheasant game birds and game meat for sale in Ashford, Kent, Sussex, Essex

The common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) is a bird in the Phasianidae family.  It is native to Asia and has been widely introduced to other countries as a game bird for this purpose.

Common pheasant birds are bred to be hunted in traditional formal “driven shoots” and are shot in great numbers.

The carcasses were often hung for a time to improve the meat by slight decomposition, as with most other game. Pheasant is often served as a roast, casserole or cut up into breast fillets. There are many recipes online.

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Venison English Game Meat for Sale

Venison is English Game meat from Olde English Pest Control

English Game season is well underway. Olde English Pest Control provide a variety of English Game meat to pubs and restaurants in Kent.

Venison is English Game meat that comes from a deer. Venison has a flavor reminiscent of beef but richer because it is higher in moisture, protein and lower in calories, cholesterol and fat than most cuts of grain-fed beef, pork, or lamb. Venison may categorized into specific cuts, including roast, sirloin, and ribs. In addition it can be eaten as tenderloin, sausages, jerky and minced meat.

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What’s the difference between wasps, bees and hornets?

There have been even more wasps, bees and hornets around this summer than normal.

It could be partly down to the summer heat wave, with the warm conditions causing fruit and flowers to ripen earlier.

But you saw a yellow and black striped insect flying around the garden, would you know if it was a wasp, bee, or a hornet?

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