Animal Welfare

Olde English Pest Control actively support Animal Welfare. As a countryman, Barry hates any idea of cruelty to animals. Animal Welfare is first and foremost on any pest control job. Barry is proud of his Wildlife Aware Accreditation.

Barry is a registered pest controller and is fully trained and licensed. He will always ensure that he will trap the animal and remove it quickly and humanely. Barry has 10 million public liability insurance. He is also registered to snare, shoot, gas and use poisons.

At the end of a job a client will receive a full inspection report that details what has been done, including use of any chemicals, and other information that could be useful in the future.

Ferrets & Longnets

“The use of Ferrets & Long nets / purse nets, is by far & away the most cost efficient, thorough and “green” way of controlling rabbits. Be it on Farms, equestrian centers, large or small gardens, domestic or commercial property and country estates. Future proofing with rabbit proof fencing and the “dropbox” system will eradicate most, if not all the rabbits on your property.” Barry Luckhurst