Clients of Olde English Pest Control

Olde English Pest Control works for clients all over the South East including locations such as: The Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club in Deal in Kent, Rye Golf Club Rye in East Sussex, The Chapeldown Winery Vineyards, and The Al-Fayed Estate.

Olde English Pest Control also works for the following:

  • Natural England,
  • Farms,
  • Small holdings
  • Stately homes,
  • Academies,
  • Schools,
  • Country Parks,
  • Country Estates,
  • Country Houses,
  • Commercial Nurseries,
  • Kentish Vineyards,
  • Local government authorities

In Barry’s words: “You will never get rid of the very last rabbit – just like you will never get rid of the very last rat – because life’s not like that, but if you work hard at it, do the job methodically and employ the right methods, you can get pretty close.”